Mirror of Deoxy.org

I have mirrored deoxy.org.


The Deoxyribonuclieic Hyperdimension, or better known as deoxy.org, was a legendary part of the internet. It was one of the first websites available for people to read materials and ideas that were very hard to find at the local library.

Inside are bits from all kinds of great writers, artists, philosophers, and more.

It even had some pretty awesome I-Ching tools.

Over a year ago, the website went dark. If you try to visit the original domain deoxy.org, nothing will happen. A blank page will perpetually not serve up anything.

Luckily, I had backed up as much of the site as I could shortly before it went down.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the backend database. Because of this, the forums don’t work (or show anything) and a few interactive items don’t work either.

Fortunately, all of the writings are intact and you can reach them with no problem.

A few others have since done the same thing I did, one notable domain is reoxy.org. That’s what shows up on top of Google searches. I’m pretty sure we’re serving up the exact same thing from my backup that was published online a couple years ago.

I’ve also discovered a few other places online where the site has been mirrored, sans backend database.

It’s a pretty cool site. If you have any curiosity about eastern mysticism, consciousness expansion, altered states, or other less-square ideas, this site is for you.