Time For Another Redesign...

I have rebuilt this website to make it more blog-like.

I’ve been working more on the ops side of things rather than the dev side for a little more than a year now. Because of this focus, I haven’t done anything notable in the web development side of things. As for my career outlook, it doesn’t appear that I’m going to become an elite developer this year. I just don’t have the time to put into web development like I did back in 2016 and 2017.

At the very least, I want to maintain my skill level and keep an eye on the industry to provide the best possible website solution for the few clients I have kept on since beginnning work in IT in 2017.

When I built TedWilliams.co initially, I used React for the first time to generate a static site that was super simple on the surface but rather complicated in its generation.

I really enjoyed automating a lot of the styling ont he backend. When building from scratch, it can become cumbersome to make a website work on all devices and render consistently on top of that.

The website that resulted ended up the most widely comptatible webpage I had ever made. It rendered flawlessly on every device. It had a mobile-first design and a gradient I thought was wicked (and is present in the left nav pane of this website).

I felt, for the first time, the power of React and even though I had been using NodeJS for task automation for sometime, I really hadn’t opened up the throttle until I took a shot with React.

This brought me to an attempt to revive the Sans Wishes blog. I endeavored to use the current design on top of some kind of custom-built static site generator. With my new employment in late 2017, I let this project fall off. I didn’t really get close to finishing it. The few paths of progress ended with a horribly disfigured website and I scrapped them all.

This Holiday season, I’ve found plenty of spare time to consider my fleet of domains and websites.

I decided tedwilliams.co needed to have more updates than just showing my latest Tweets, which are sparse. I also decided that running a blog-style web presence may not be such a bad thing.

In my search for NodeJS-based statis site generators, I found Hexo. Hexo is perfect for me. It is highly customizable (I started with a template) and works great with VSCode as my chosen Text Editor/IDE.

You can generate static-site files and deploy (given some configuration) to your server very easily from the terminal. You can write your blog posts in Markdown inside your favorite text editor. Easy peasy.

Hexo even has the ability to watch for file changes inside the source directory and auto-generate updated code when you make changes. This is useful for seeing design tweaks render quickly.

I highly recommend Hexo for anyone looking for a quick and easy, lightweight blog site. You can add in functionality as needed but then you might as well go find something geared more for whatever your goal is or build it yourself.

This website will probably continue to evolve in alittle bits. I’m not entirely happy with the styling but it works for now.

I will continue to make more frequent updates than I did before. I plan on writing about a wide spectrum of things: IT Operations, Large-Scale Networking, Human Computer Interaction and the relation to human psychology, Digital Privacy, Geopolitics, and more. I have completely stopped using social media platforms even though I still have accounts on a few services. We can have a discussion on that at another time.